Forgotten Treasures

I have used Blender for over eight years. Even for an overly fussy, “its never quite done” artist such as myself, that is a lot of models, tests, contests and projects. Some of which I even finished 😛 . The greater majority of blender files I have created over the years are mostly all saved off to CD’s. Which makes it easy to forget about them. LOL, which is exactly what I had done until just recently.

The recent release of 2.46 tempted me to ignore a long list of other things I should have been doing, to enjoy an afternoon of just messing around in Blender. Something I don’t get to do near as often as I would like. With no real goal or project in mind, just a strong desire to test a few new features, I pulled one of my semi-forgotten Cd’s to grab a model to experiment on.

I quickly found a long forgotten character I had modeled for a low poly contest. It didn’t have many details, just a fairly simple humanoid type character with funny ears. Oddly enough, I only vaguely remember creating him. I also found some images and numerous half finished models that had been abandoned for one reason or another. At a guess, I got distracted and started something else.

The biggest surprise was that some of them were far better than I actually remember being at that time. Sounds a little silly. But I found some of the images charming. And many of the half finished models look like I could really do something with them, if I ever get around to finishing them, that is. 😛

Makes me wonder how many other treasures are hidden on some of my other Cd’s. I just might have to go on a treasure hunt and see what I find. But then again, I have so many new ideas that I want to work on. So many ideas, so little time. Oh well, I suppose it really doesn’t matter whether I work on new ideas or old, as long as I just keep blending away.

Just for fun and giggles, I thought, I would post of a few of the images I re-discovered.

I seem to remember that this little guy was one of the first human characters I have done.

I remember using this image as a desktop pattern for quite a while.

Oh well, time to go play some more


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