Turkish Translation of BAM

I received an email today from Gökhan, letting me know that he has undertaken the task of translating BAM articles into Turkish. New content is being added daily as he finishes each article. So go check it out and if you have some free time and speak Turkish, I’m sure he would welcome some help. )

From Gökhan:

I am Gökhan from Turkey, and a blender user nearly for 3 years. I created a web site about Blender Tutorials, News and Translations for BlenderArt. Also, I am alone ) all these works seem hard to do for one person, but I enjoy at the same time, anyway I am an university student of English Language Department. I created a forum whose address is www.Blender.co.nr

The web site address is free service, actually I do not have a freedom in my life economically for I am a student still. ) However, I think, the content of the web site is more important than its address. ……..

…….. Now, in www.Blender.co.nr, I publish a forum, and one of the categories is BlenderArt and there is a subforum of this category named “Okuyun” (Read). So, I do not work for creating pdf pages, only when I have time, I translate and put it on the site and make it ready to be read. It works fast and more efficiently.

Also, when it is needed to put pictures, I cut pictures from BlenderArt issues and host it on the net and show it on the site in this way. I explained all these things to inform you about this kind of work from Turkey.


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