Mancandy FAQ DVD: Mine is finally here!

Over the last several months (ok, probably longer than that) I have been trying to learn about rigging and animation. I would really like to expand my animation skills from moving of simple objects to character animation, so I was really excited about the ManCandy FAQ DVD. I saved up my pennies and finally ordered it. After waiting for the required 2-3 week delivery time, (it would appear that I live on the ends of the earth when it comes to deliveries) it finally arrived. YAY!!!

I was so excited, even though I really had way too many other things I needed to be doing, I couldn’t resist popping the DVD into my computer to take a sneak peak. Big mistake, even just poking around the DVD to check things out, left me wanting to sit down and devour the entire thing. But, I really, really had other things I needed to be doing. Bummer! Big bummer!

Sigh, so I proceeded to take care of all the things that needed to be done. One week passed, then two. Still no time to watch my new DVD. Sigh, this really sucks. At this rate it will never get watched.. Then all of a sudden I had an amazing idea. I grabbed my DVD, my old laptop and took them both to my craft room, where I promptly set it up and started the DVD. I have been listening to the DVD while working on my projects. Problem semi solved.

I still haven’t watched very much of the DVD, just bits and pieces here and there, but I have listened to the whole thing numerous times. Like I said, not a perfect solution, but I am learning quite a bit. Granted, I still have to actually watch it all, but this will do for now.

I have long admired Bassam’s skill and creative vision, and after watching the DVD, I am pleased to discover that he is also quite the teacher and rather funny too. His teaching style is akin to having a long in depth conversation with a friend. He explains everything in an easy going, casual manner. One thing I have really enjoyed is how he not only shows you how to set things up properly and why, but what happens if you set it up wrong or forget to set something up. He even left some mistakes of his own in the videos and then showed how to correct them.

Bassam packed an amazing amount of information into each video. And while they obviously all go together, they also stand alone as full lessons in themselves. I have already listened to the DVD many times and will listen/watch it many more. Every time I “watch” a segment, I learn something new and my understanding of rigging increases, which can only be a good thing.

The ManCandy FAQ DVD was well worth the money and the wait for it to arrive. Now if I can just find the time to actually do something with all my new found knowledge. 😛


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