Bumper Bash: A New Game Plan

Well okay, so finding my notes wasn’t as helpful as it could have been. I have this bad habit of brain storming mentally and only writing down the barest details. Which is fine if I complete the project when I start it. Not so fine if I set the project aside for a year or so while I do other things. LOL, which of course, is the case here. Oh well, guess I’ll come up with a new plan. Luckily I only got as far as the modeling. This would be far more annoying if I had actually started setting up the game play. So what I currently have is an environment and players. So, time to decide what to do with them.


The goal of the game is fairly simple. Get as many points as possible (by collecting fruit that will appear randomly in the ring) while avoiding being hit into the “traps” by the other players.

The Environment:

A bumper car ring/arena with a few modifications.

  • each car enters the ring through a chute (there is a dedicated chute for each player)
  • on each side of the ring is a big black pad (moving wall with a skull on it). When a player gets too close to the pad, it slams out of the wall, hitting the player and sends him flying back into the ring. It will also deduct points from the players score.
  • at one end of the ring, there is a black tunnel. If a player slides into the tunnel, one “life” will be lost. At which point if the player still has lives left, the player will re-enter the ring through his chute.

Actual game play to be worked out:

There are four players (a bumper car, with unique drivers) that you will choose from. The other three players will be controlled by the computer and will have the same objective you do.


Start up Scene/screen:

  • all 4 players lined up to choose from
  • choice of player will signal which scene will load

Game Scene/screen:

  • one for each available choice
  • camera view will be of chosen player with wide enough viewing angle to see other players movements.
  • bumper ring, visible of course
  • random appearing fruit for collection of points.

Overlay scene:

  • points collected for each player
  • number of lives available for play.
    • 3 to start
    • can gain more depending on points collected.

Hmm, I think that should at least get me started. I’m sure I will modify the plan as I go along. But at least if I get sidetracked onto another project before I get done, at least I have better details written down this time. 😛





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