Now where did those notes go?

I have been known to make a game or two using Blender’s game engine. And while I don’t make overly fancy games, they are an amusing way to kill some time. And what can I say, my husband loves them.

Which brings us to the topic of this post. About a year ago, I started making a new game, ‘Bumper Bash’.

When I started this game, I had some specific goals in mind. First I wanted to make use of the (at the time) new physics abilities, which is why I thought of bumper cars. I was hoping to achieve some realistic bouncing of bumper cars off of each other and the walls of the ring.

Second, I was aiming at creating a game with a good re-play factor. This may or may not actually work out. I still have some kinks to figure out in my planning. But the plan is to create the ability to choose your character. There are four to choose from. Once your character is chosen, the other three characters will become your opponent. They will be attempting to win the game just like you. This will definitely be a challenge as I only use logic bricks in my games. (python and I don’t get along đŸ˜› )

Bumper Bash doesn’t have any fancy textures. On previous games I always created huge textures which bloated the file size and slowed game play. So for Bumper Bash, I used mainly vertex paint and a few very small UV mapped textures.

When I left off a year ago, I had finished most of the modeling and texturing. I believe I only have a few things left to make. Once I have finished with that, it is on to game play. I am looking forward to the challenge of setting this up like I had envisioned.

Well, I just remembered where I put my notes. So I guess I had better get started, my husband has been waiting for this game since last December.

Here a few screen shots of the game to hold you until I make some further progress.


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