A few more changes

Ok, so I have been playing with and changing things again. I have moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Now don’t get me wrong, Blogger is a fine program/place to host your blogs, but WordPress is a better fit for how I think and organize information. And there is the added familiarity factor, as we use WordPress for the Blenderart website.

One thing I have learned from all this organizing is that it is possible to create a fairly cool online presence using a variety of free tools and options. If you can manage to stay organized and remember where everything is of course 😛 .

If you are interested, here is a short rundown of what I have used:

  • Google Page Creator: this is my main website
  • Picasa Albums: I upload any and all images I need for both my website and blog graphics as well as images of projects I have done.
  • WordPress: this is where my blog is

Now that I have finally tweaked everything to my satisfaction, I can get back to work. LOL, by the end of the week I need to have gotten quite a bit done. Mainly I need to finish writing some tutorials for Issue #13 of Blenderart Magazine.

I have already been receiving submissions for the Node cookbook, that I need to get started on organizing. And of course I wanted to get started on my study of lighting in blender. In fact on that project I have already been making some outlines and notes of where I want to start.


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