New Gallery Page

When I set up this site, I wasn’t overly happy with my gallery page. Google page creator doesn’t have a gallery template and well, we all know that I am not overly talented at writing any kind of code. So I ended up spending the better part of a year looking for a gallery solution that not only wasn’t painful to set up, but also would be easy to use once it was installed.

I have finally gone with setting up a picasa web album and embedding a flash slide show into my gallery page. It has some nice features. The biggest being that I can upload an image to my web album and my little slide shows will update automatically. Virtually painless. Also, I can create different albums for different projects as I work on them and embed slide shows for each of them rather easily. So while this wasn’t the type of set up I had in mind when I started searching, it does work very well for what I actually want to do. Or more accurately, it works for what I don’t want to do, namely spend lots if time or energy just adding images to my site.

Currently there is only one album, “Misc Finished Projects” which contains all the images that had previously been on my gallery page, but I will be setting up other album slide shows as I start/finish projects.

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