Autumn and Spooky Trees

I have always loved autumn, falling leaves and interesting old trees. So of course I just had to create an old tree character. Which puts me right in the mood for Halloween. You can check it out in the New album (Blender Tests) I created just for tests and study images.

I will be using the Blender Test album for various tool tests and learning exercises, as well as for ideas that I am trying out for whatever reason.

Now that I have a spooky tree, I might just have to create a Halloween scene for him to haunt. 😛

2 responses to “Autumn and Spooky Trees

  • dashofpanache

    it starts off small and then you end up winning the “best decorated house on the block” award.

  • dreamsgate

    Especially in my projects. It never fails, I come up with a nice simple idea, and then before you know it I have managed to complicate it to no end with all the details that end up getting added.

    But I am going start working on maintaining a more simple approach to some of my upcoming future projects.

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