New Year’s Resolution

Boy this month has just flown by. But it has been a very productive blender learning month for me. I made a New Year’s resolution to spend more time actually starting and completing projects in blender this year, and to that end, I made a short music video type animation for my husband for Valentine’s Day.

While it wasn’t a huge production, I did learn how to use new techniques and created a lovely little animation. By far my new favorite technique is being able to finally use Nodes. Well okay, I actually only know how to use a Mix Map at this point, but I really like the way I can achieve a soft smooth transition between materials on my model without creating UV maps. Don’t get me wrong, UV maps are still the best way to create some textures and materials, but Mix Maps let you transition your colors/materials and if you decide later that the colors aren’t working for you, you can change them on the fly, without completely repainting a UV map.

I uploaded a frame from the animation that I used as the cover art for the animation. (I’m in Love)

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