Bobo the Blenderbug

Bobo the Blenderbug (pronounced: Bowbow) is a software bug, specifically a Blender software bug. Which of course is going to provide us with no end of fun when we progress to the animation stage. His natural environment is any computer capable of running Blender. Which of course means, he can be found just about anywhere.

You will be able to find links to the entire Bobo the Blenderbug tutorial series on this page as well as links to the resource packages for each tutorial.

The series starts off by showing you how to model your own Bobo and then gives you some material/texturing practice. Of course if you are not interested in the modeling or texturing phase, you can just wait for further tutorials and jump in at any time.

Even though I will try to construct the series in a logical manner that builds upon the previous tutorial, I also plan for each tutorial to be able to stand on it’s own, so that you can start at any point.

If you are not interested in the tutorials themselves, but would still like to download the resource packages and play with the blend files, you are free to do so. There are no restrictions on use for the tutorials or the resource packages. Just have fun. :)

Tutorial and Resource package Links

(resource package links are listed below each tutorial link)

  1. How to Model Bobo the Blenderbug (part 1)
    1. Modeling Bobo the Blenderbug
  2. Bobo the Blenderbug: Modeling tutorial (part 2)
    1. Modeling Bobo the Blenderbug
  3. Bobo the Blenderbug: Adding Materials
    1. Bobo the Blenderbug_Adding_Materials

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